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As a major 3D RPG with the depth and content of a classic RPG, Tarnished is being developed in collaboration with, the company behind the hugely popular Atlus brand. Creating and expanding on the ever-growing number of legends and myths of the Land Between, the game will include a large cast of characters to choose from, and will have multiple endings for players to experience.


The game is still playable for free, and will continue to be playable until the Open Beta Test in February 2018. After the Open Beta Test, a new beta version will be released approximately once every month. The number of users will be gradually increased for each update, and the game features will be expanded. If you wish to get early access to the latest content, please be sure to register on the Test Page.



The game was created by the developer HEIWA Co., Ltd.


Tachikawa, Japan






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◆ System

◆ Graphical Specifications

◆ Sounds and Music

◆ Release Date


◆ System

◆ Graphical Specifications

◆ Sounds and Music

◆ Release Date

◆ Technical Information

◆ Installation

◆ Installation

◆ Graphical Specifications

◆ Interface

◆ Available Time

◆ Sounds and Music

◆ Available Time

◆ Reception

◆ Technical Information

◆ Installation

◆ Installation

◆ Supported Platforms


Features Key:

  • New ‘Clean’ Ranking System
  • New Leveling System
  • Numerous New Gear and Effects
  • New Personality
  • New Monster System
  • Over 30 New Enemies and Battlefields
  • New Mission System
  • Tearful Sea in the Content Preview

    Indeed, the sea rushes towards the coast at a breaking pace… If the storm persists, is the land going to follow the coast to collapse and disappear?

    An RPG experience with a personal touch touched with character development.

    Huge Boss Monsters

    • Various Boss Monsters Battle in Your Party
    • Big Boss Monsters Jumping from the Sea Shore
    • 4 Unique Endless Dungeon

    Free Travel between Various Locations

    • The Great Frontier, On a Holistic Journey
    • Explore a World Full of New and High-Tier Monsters

    Free Creating avatars

    • Create avatars to make the most of your sleeves

    The Elden Ring and Meteor

    • Bounty on the Elden Ring
    • Monomoring
    • Elegant Skill and Weapon Types
    • Battle with an Invincible Army
    • The True Demon of Gem Rampage on the Road to the Upper World

    New Equipment Variety

    • Learn the Weapons of the Galvanic Dragon
    • Learn the Spirits of the Elden Ring

    Let’s Rumble in the Shop Shop

    • Gear and more with a variety of prices and effects
    • <


      Elden Ring Download [Win/Mac]

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      Microsoft Windows compatible.Q:

      Why does the file I’m downloading keep resending itself and how to stop the loop?

      I’m new to coding and I’m trying to make a simple downloader for my website and I’m having problems. I’ve been told to use a while loop, this is what I wrote:
      def downloadFile():
      wget = commands.getoutput(«wget -c «)

      while True:
      newLine = input(«Press enter to continue or any other key to stop: «)
      if newLine == «»:
      wget = commands.getoutput(«wget -c «)
      print(«Downloaded!», end=»
      return wget

      print(«Downloading complete!»)

      This is the code it’s looping. When I run the code with this while loop, it stops after the first time. The first time it loops it’s successful. The second time it loops it resends the file again and freezes my computer. The third time it loops it freezes my computer. How do I make the code not loop and is this the right way to loop the file? The web address changes because it isn’t the same file every time.


      Try moving wget=wget.strip() at the beginning, and then at the end. This will remove the extra white space in the middle.


      Elden Ring Free Download [Win/Mac]

      Bloody effect of mana:

      In terms of statistical information, the damage effect and defense calculation are represented by ESAM. ESAM is an enhanced damage-calculation formula for mana-based spells that causes the spell to cause damage to the enemy and protects the caster.

      Just as in mage combat, if we use a spell that raises the attribute values of intelligence and dexterity, the ESAM formula is used to calculate the final damage and defense.

      ESAM is a highly important part of ESAM: Bloodline.

      ESAM: Bloodline manual makes it clear that if we attack using mana, the ESAM formula is applied. ESAM: Bloodline provides an increased defense and damage calculation method. In addition, if you use mana, you can reduce the number of mana spells cast and spell recovery time.

      ESAM: Bloodline provides the highest defense, the lowest attribute value, and the highest damage calculation.

      Active Skills:

      Magic and mystic skills that have been added.

      One or more of the following skills, depending on the situation, will be automatically activated.


      In addition, there is another skill that allows you to «take flight» by changing the field of your movement, and then fly.


      When you use a skill, you can move your character to another position. With passage, you move your character to any location.


      If you are attacked, you can use the skill «Duel: Attack.» If you are successfully attacked, you can use a special skill that deals massive damage.

      Savage Defense:

      If you are attacked, you can use the skill «Duel: Defense.» If you are successfully attacked, you can use a special skill that deals massive damage.

      Victory Denial:

      If you are attacked, you can use the skill «Duel: Defense.» If you are successfully attacked, you can use a special skill that deals massive damage.


      You have to recharge your stamina before using this skill. If you use this skill while in an area with no stamina, you can’t use it.

      Active Skills:

      Skill that has been added.

      In addition, we will add various skills that can be used in combat and skills that have been added to the game.


      «Magic Weapon»:


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      HERETIC’S GATE: Lords of Callisto HERO WEB TOKYO

      14 Oct 12
      Inti Creates Studio

      PSP)     (Online Play via HERETIC’S GATE ONLINE SERVICE  )

      HERETIC’S GATE: Lords of Callisto HERO WEB TOKYO

      Heretic’s Gate: Lords of Callisto HERO WEB 

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      ROM HOOK TRICK V2                         &


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    System Requirements:

    – Minimum: 8 GB of RAM
    – Minimum: OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    – Internet: Ethernet cable (recommended), DSL, Cable, Cell phone modem
    – CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz or better
    – Storage: 1 GB of free hard drive space
    Project files and download links (setup file, installation file, patch file):
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