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Survivor Pack DLC:
• New character, starting at level 1.
• Hatchet (weapon), Sawed Off Double Barrel Shotgun (weapon), 12 Gauge Buckshot (ammunition), Molotov Cocktail (grenade), Leather Jacket (armor), 3x Water Bottle (drink), 1x MRE (food), 2x Bandages (medical item), 1x Medicated Bandage (medical item) and Anti-Radiation Tablet (medical item).
This DLC is exclusive to Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.
How to get Survivor Pack DLC:
The Survivor Pack DLC is available as a stand-alone product or can be added to your current Fallout Shelter Membership. We recommend signing up for a Vault-Tec Vault-Tec Survivor Pack Membership.
Thank you for playing Fallout Shelter on Xbox One!
/RalphNo. 878 Squadron RAF

No. 878 Squadron RAF was a Royal Air Force squadron during the Second World War.

The squadron was one of two anti-submarine (ASW) units of Coastal Command. It was formed at Lee-on-the-Solent in early 1943 and its first commanding officer was Lt.-Col E.V.B. Northcott, DSO, MC, who was at the time Assistant Director of Naval Intelligence at the Admiralty. Its motto was Le Pays Sans Pêche (The Country Without Fish), the Germans being fond of salmon. The unit was disbanded on 4 January 1945.

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Coastal Command


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Squadron history
Squadron history

Category:Military units and formations established in 1943
Category:Military units and formations disestablished in 1945
Category:Military units and formations of the Royal Air Force in World War II
Category:British anti-submarine aircraftTrigonometric identities from Polarisation Fourier Transforms.
In the proposed method for the calculation of polarisation properties of a medium, such as the polarisation-dependent refractive indices and birefringence, which combines Polarisation Fourier Transforms (PFTs) with the usual diffraction theory, we present an original calculation of both the Fourier- and the inverse Fourier-transform, where the method is based on some simple observations concerning trigonometric identities.Officials with different Law Enforcement Agencies came together to discuss prevention programs that would put a stop to the opioid epidemic that continues to ravage the United States.


The Deepest Features Key:

  • All new avenues that are added in this edition
  • Much more detailed character creation system
  • Double updates. For some reason, after posting, I am receiving a lot of reports with only one game key rather than two, so I’ll be updating this page to reflect the changes. (Good call to the fans, by the way)
    However, for the few who have sent in the keys multiple times, I will leave them as they are.
  • Additional story elements have been written
  • This is a direct adaptation of the video game, so there are going to be words and descriptions, but you don’t need to know anything about that game in order to enjoy this one.

    …but I’ll start with some backstory and your first power

    What are the Works in the Works?

    Sorry for the poor formatting, but I wanted to keep this short.

    I think this section will be fairly self explanatory, if I get anything wrong, please let me know.


    Lightning Ancient Rowan – Rowan’s mother. He had saved her from the Moribond, and now he has her living with him. Rowan is a very talented hacker, with a natural gift for Data and a keen eye for form. He doesn’t know how to live in reality, and always plans on finding a solution for the problems that plague his life.

    LightningAncient – An ancient and very powerful witch. She became a Millennial during the fight between the Four Families. Since then, she has done nothing but scream at people.

    Blackrock – The leader of the hackers of the Four Families. Most of the hackers are friendly, but Blackrock has a strong aversion to anything that comes out of CharakTor and is a coward. He is the only hacker who prefers to fight alone, as his followers only create interference.
    What ever he fights, no matter how dangerous it is, he always wants to challenge another hacker, his worst fear is to fall too far behind. He is the only hacker to show mercy, and despite


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    War is coming to the blazing Aztec territory. The Aztec Empire has only
    survived with the support of the European merchants living in the conquered
    provinces, like the one that we happen to live in, but the merchants themselves
    are no longer reponsible for the Empire´s survival. Aztec nobility and
    officers are preparing the war with the help of their menial servants, in
    order to seize the main cities and recover the people´s hearts.
    They want the help of a fearsome new war machine, the «Carrucan», the only one
    that could defeat the European war machines. The mounted warriors of the Aztec
    Empire, the «Numankancas», will leave everything they have for the promise
    of silver and gold. On their way to the frontier, they will suffer their
    pilgrimage along the path of innocent religious tributes, to the gods of war,
    entered in the coffers of European merchants.
    Only there, by the border of the Aztec Empire, will we join a war between new
    and old enemies. Follow us on our journey to the unknown frontier and let´s
    see what happens.
    When playing, use the left and right buttons to control the movement of your
    carrucan warrior, the A button to control your carrucan´s weapons and the B
    button to jump. Pressing the Y button, when the warrior is in front of you,
    makes him hit you, causing him to lose control, but it also allows you to
    stop at the next pond of water that you see. The warrior is a panda bear and
    he has five health points. When he loses one, he is out of the battle. Once
    you have lost all your warrior´s health, you can jump to the shore of the
    next pond and continue your fight without him. The warrior can also lose some
    health by shooting arrows, hitting enemies or duelling against animals.
    When you have finished fighting a battle, you will be rewarded with the
    number of coins that you have defeated, but the more coins you have, the
    more powerful your warrior is, and thus you will have more chances to fight
    the battles.
    If you enjoy the game, follow us on Facebook (
    and Twitter (@ShiroGames) to stay informed on the updates of Shirogames.


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    Thanks for playing our games!Demonetisation: RBI verdict on legal challenge against it

    The Reserve Bank of India had won its case in the Supreme Court with regard to court’s jurisdiction to hear the plea of Mr Shah, who challenged the currency note ban initiated by the Government and asked the apex court to decide if it has any validity or otherwise.

    Kolkata: The Reserve Bank of India has won its case in the Supreme Court with regard to court’s jurisdiction to hear the plea of Mr Shah, who challenged the currency note ban initiated by the Government and asked the apex court to decide if it has any validity or otherwise.

    The apex court had upheld the order passed by the high court, after which the latter dismissed the application filed by Mr Shah. The High Court had refused to interfere with the impugned order passed by the RBI in 2014 in view of the bankruptcy law.

    The decision was welcomed by RBI after which it took the matter to the Supreme Court. On January 8, the Supreme Court had said that it will hear the matter, while expressing hope that the legal issues would be settled soon.

    The Supreme Court had also observed that the decision by the RBI to withdraw Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes was like the “monetary shock” administered by the Government in November 8, 2016 and the decision was made on a similar rationale.

    It further said, “In monetary policies, the central bank is vested with paramount power. RBI has inherent power to take decisions regarding the withdrawal of currency notes at any given point of time.”

    The Supreme Court also made it clear that such a withdrawal of currency is governed by the Bankruptcy Code. Therefore, the apex court said that the Supreme Court cannot interfere with RBI’s ‘paramount power�


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