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Name DOA6 Summer Breeze Collection – Rachel
Publisher pheolab
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Lovely but quirky, Rachel is a person who lives an everyday life as an ordinary high school girl. However, she happens to be an extremely good cook, and people begin to pay her restaurant a visit. Since it is her hobby, she has been spending her free time cooking for all of her customers, and she won’t come down for meals.
The girls of the infamous «SNK» development team have prepared the summer collection in anticipation of «Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc» – «Danganronpa II», and introduced new costumes with different colors for all of the character designs of «Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc» – «Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair».
Character Design:
Rachel is a character who is described to be extremely pretty and likeable. She is pretty because she is always seen wearing her ordinary school uniform, but her facial expression is heartwarming. She is likeable because she shares a common understanding with the protagonist who is dealing with a variety of crises, and they are always looking out for each other.
She is an active character who is busy with her restaurant. She would sometimes do some extra work, and make her customers happy. Even though she is a little lonely, she decides to be alone for a while, and she spends time with a fun food storage called the «Pig Appetite».
The development team has taken «Danganronpa» into consideration. There is a lot of social satire in «Danganronpa», and this style will be applied in the «Danganronpa 2» characters as well.
«Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc» and «Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair» are terrifyingly bizarre satirical survival action games set in a fantastical high school. In these games, a mysterious character named «ROSCART» is lurking around and there are unique rules and aspects not shared with the other «Danganronpa» games.
In this game, «ROSCART»‘s «JUNKY» feature allows for a funny twist to the standard survival action game genre. «JUNKY» is in the form of a cute pet, and its function is to consume foods and survive as long as possible.
– Characters from «Danganronpa»
– Story that continues to the «Danganronpa» games
– Visual style taken from «Danganronpa»
– Character designs from «Danganron


Features Key:

  • Merchandiser is one of the shopkeepers of the Apocalypse Village and the contact person for the Collector
  • Collector and Rowan can shop at the store
  • Collected items can be redeemed for Green Bricks


DOA6 Summer Breeze Collection – Rachel Crack Free Download

«When all of the «Shogun» warriors were out searching for the «Nobunaga» duo, Rachel was the only one left to hold the lobby.»
Made by the master of Asian fighting games, the DOA series comes to life in its sixth installment. Play as the newest addition in this DOA fighting game, Rachel. In this new series, the world’s most famous characters travel all over the world and become fighters. Rachel, the first female DOA character, travels from Europe to Asia to become a fighter with the objective of eliminating the four enemy teams.Q:

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DOA6 Summer Breeze Collection – Rachel Crack For Windows

-Includes:1 Character (Limit 1)

Story Line Background Costume Costume Set:

-Includes:1 Character (Limit 1)

New Character Select Costume:

-Includes:1 Character (Limit 1)

Momo Kuribayashi Costume:

-Includes:1 Character (Limit 1)

Mama Uniform Costumes:

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Mama Uniform Deluxe Costumes:

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Mama Uniform Deluxe Set Costumes:

-Includes:1 Character (Limit 1)

All Season Pass 3 members (Atteee, Stalker, Neon Gengar) can check out all available costume sets on their Stash:

-A costume set includes a total of 6 costumes and 3 character costumes (for a total of 9 costumes per set).-Included costumes can be exchanged, but limit 1.-Maximum of 1 sets per person (you may have duplicates but there are no refunds).-Included sets cannot be traded.-Setting, including illustration, costumes, all character roles, and animations will be included in the included sets.-Single costumes are also available.

As rewards of the promotion, ALL Season Pass 3 members can enjoy these special bonuses:

Welcome to the 3rd Anime Costume Collection 1st Collection set on DOA6.This Summer Collection includes character costumes, character costume sets, costume sets, and new character select costume.Each Summer Collection includes 3 characters, and 3 characters will be available in the special Summer Collection sets.If you are a Season Pass 3 member, you will receive the set that you selected at the price of each individual set.Please note that this content is included in the Season Pass 3 bonus content.Please use this content after you have completed the Season Pass 3 story.This Summer Collection will be available from May 1st (before maintenance) to June 2nd.If you want the Summer Collection before May 1st, please get the Season Pass 3 before May 1st.1) Exchanged with the set: All summer set costumes (unlimited exchange)2) Sold on the website: All summer set costumes (limited exchange)3) Can be traded via Inbox to the official Discord: Bonus rewards in exchange for these items: (Limit 2)Please use these items only after you have completed the Season Pass


What’s new in DOA6 Summer Breeze Collection – Rachel:


Rachel is one of four women who shared their outfits for the
Summer Breeze launch at the annual show in London. For the
event’s press release, see the July 5, 2005 DVF magazine (page

Fiber Guy
with Rachel McCusker

We worked with Rachel on the Lookbook for Spring to Summer 06.

Rachel is a real pleasure to work with, and we are super
excited about the campaign!!

This interview will provide
the EXCLUSIVE lowdown on the new Rachel McCusker Look Book…

What do you want to know about Rachel?
Hers is a girl who’s really taken to international
clientele. She came from the States with a career
diary crammed full of boundaries. Eventually she
arrived in London and established herself and is now
really experienced with fashion. She’s comfortable
with all kinds of design-led post-youthwear.

Rachel McCusker’s DVF Booth

Our personal relationship with Rachel began when she
overseasded on a photoshoot. I think she’d heard
about the lookbook launch from recent posts on the
Internet, but she didn’t know that it was a reality.

We finally met with her at the DVF Booth in
London’s Century City. When I did the workshop, I
looked out through the window at this glamorous
building. Seeing all the glamour came out of me.
We were entering through the swing doors but Rachel
was waiting for me. She was wearing an evening gown
with a tank top and a silver veil tied in a knot at her
shoulders. She said «My name is Rachel, I
run a website. Is it fair to say that you are
psychologically in control here?

Her strength was strong!
When we arrived in the conference room, she
looked at my screen and saw that we had one whole
brand new look all set up.

Rachel McCusker

I have always said that stylists are like
surgeons with scopes—we are able to see an
entire picture, and we aren’t affected by the
furniture and light. I remember her first look,
and she came to me with one of the most striking
creative shows.

Rachel taking interest in DVF’s trends!

She was so


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How To Crack DOA6 Summer Breeze Collection – Rachel:

  • Unrar.Run
  • Extract doa6.exe, doa6_origin-game.exe or doa6_variant.exe data under exe folder
  • Copy com_file.txt or gamedata1.txt to this\doa6.txt. Hope doa6.txt content in main.txt
  • Copy all above data under local_game/
  • Run DOAX7
  • Run, you will see «Success» message
  • Enjoy game
  • How to download DOAX7

    • Download start.exe from Autorun.nsi tool
    • Run start.exe (from start.exe folder, in local_bin folder) in win xp and win7
    • WinXP-brute.exe or win7-brute.exe
    • Enjoy DOAX7 Game

    How to install and play

    • Double click on doa6.exe
    • Set «Seed» and «Current Season» value
    • Run game
    • Enjoy!



    System Requirements For DOA6 Summer Breeze Collection – Rachel:

    16.1 GB Free Hard Drive Space
    Windows 10
    Intel Quad-Core CPU with 3.6 GHz or faster
    4 GB RAM
    DirectX 11 Graphics Card with 256 MB VRAM
    For best performance, the game is recommended to be played on 1920×1080, 1920×1080, and 2560×1440 screen resolutions.
    How to Install?
    Copy the downloaded.exe file to the directory where you installed the game.
    How to Play?
    Keyboard and Mouse Controls:
    The game offers control


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