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download championship manager 01 02. The Championship Manager series is a well known series in Sports Gaming. The series is supported by the very popular PC CD-ROM Game «Football Manager.
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Championship Manager 01/02 SCT File Manager is a SCT-File manager for all versions of Championship Manager 01/02 ( or Football Manager 01/02 ( It is a full-fledged management sim PC game.
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Championship Manager 00/01 player rating

Championship Manager 00/01 player rating: N. BENSTEAD – 7.5/10 from 72 votes.
Championship Manager 95/96 – 2.1/10 from 24 votes.
Championship Manager 96/97 – 0.9/10 from 12 votes.
This is the third update I have done to the conspiracy theory from «The Doctor Who Monster Book» by Donald M King, the one that involved the Doctor being part angel.

This one involves the Angel of Death, finding the 5th house of Mars where the planet Mercury is, becoming a shadow demon, and then it becomes a monster.

This is the story in between that this is the character so far, and also one of my ideas that I am really interested in fleshing out and working on.

Trouble…. The Doctor must get to the planet Mercury in time to save the human race…

The last image here is my clippy, a Homicide detective. The reason I did it is because the Doctor uses it in the title page of his last book. If I hadn’t been quick enough to produce something I would have had to wait a couple of hours for the deadline to come round before the page would have been filled out.

If this is a monster it can’t be a star, otherwise it would probably be all over the place and we would probably think that it was someone playing jokes on us….

Sometimes just a couple of lines really open the way for more and more ideas to come. I’m hoping a few more of these will come out before the end of term.

Here is another little bit about the story. It is supposed to be Gallifrey, as it is revealed in this book.

Planet Mercury has been re-discovered by scientists from the Thirteenth Realm of Gallifreya, and they have gone to great lengths to hide the new Moon, that lives on the planet.

Why do they hide it? Well obviously to keep it from the High Council.

Maybe it is something to do with the Door that is in the Fifth House of Mars.

This can be another variation of the name «the Doctor», it can be the name of the planet, but possibly a reference to all the Doctor’s who have come before him.

The Door is the only part of the story that I have re-drawn

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